Why Restaurants should focus on Local Digital Marketing in 2021

Komal Pandey

Why Local Digital Marketing is important for Restaurants in 2021?

Small restaurant businesses need to focus more on the local market before going for a broader area. Focusing on the broader approach, the moment you hit digital marketing may make you feel lost on the internet. Restaurants need to compete with their real competitors who are focusing on the same target audience/customer.  

Perhaps, the biggest issue for local restaurants is how all digital marketing strategies are available for chain restaurants and franchises. No one is talking about small and local business owners. In this guide, we will discuss how restaurant owners can focus on local digital marketing. We hope you leverage these local digital marketing ideas to grow your restaurant business in 2021.

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Here we go …

Promote your latest customer reviews on Facebook 

Make a conscious effort to gather customer reviews for your restaurant. The reviews are essential to understand what your customers feel about your restaurant service and experience. So whether it is good or bad, both are important because good reviews will let you know what is working, and bad reviews will let you know what you need to improve. 

Promote the latest customer reviews on Facebook.  They will act as social proof potential for the target audience. It will help you to build trust in your target customer’s mind. Also, excite them to dine-in at your restaurant or order online food. And, do not wait for your customers to give a review, ask for it by being proactive as it will add credibility to your restaurant’s online image. Let your customers know that you value their opinion.

Custom landing pages for every new campaign

Make sure to create custom landing pages for every new campaign in your restaurant advertisement program. An appropriate landing page works like a champ. It will help to shape the perfect image of your restaurant in the customer’s mind. 

Can you imagine how you would react after reaching your website through an ad and did not find anything relevant to the ad? It will give them a second thought about your restaurant, right?

Don’t make this mistake, and ensure to customize a relatable landing page to your restaurant’s online ad campaigns. Give your target customers what they want to see, and their hearts can not say ‘NO’ to your food after seeing your ad campaigns. 

Use local hashtags under posts and videos on Facebook and Instagram

Being active on Social Media is so important in 2021 as every type of target customer is available online on Social Media nowadays. Have a Facebook and Instagram page to share posts and videos of your restaurant’s food, customer reviews, cooking videos, etc. Videos help to attract more audience on Social Media and it has more organic reach. 

You can promote your posts and videos to your local customers with the help of local hashtags; for example, if your restaurant is in New York, you can use #newyorkfoodies. You need to check what local hashtags are working for your competitors’ restaurant page. And what hashtags are followed by your local customers to have a better understanding? A social media expert can easily help you narrow down the list of hashtags.



Target your local customers on Instagram with highly visual content and adding a location

Instagram is one of the ideal platforms to find your target customers near your restaurant by using location tags under your visual content. Location tags come under your username when you open a post on Instagram. While posting content on Instagram you will see this option, so use it properly by adding your local city or street. From this, you can better chance of attracting potential customers to your restaurant. You can target local audiences for your Instagram ads by properly configuring the geographic location settings of ad campaigns.

In this scenario, highly visual content will help you attract your local customers to your Instagram page. When customers see your ads/posts under the local area location, they will judge you by the content available on your ad, ensuring that it is visually pleasing and attractive. 

Are you ready to turn to local digital marketing for your restaurant?

We all know people are so impatient on the internet, and if they do not find things relatable, they just move on without giving it a second thought. And you definitely do not want to be one of those local businesses that miss to understand customers’ behavior and repeat the same mistake. 

Deeply understand your local customers’ needs and prepare your digital marketing strategies accordingly. You can also highlight Online Ordering on your website to target local audiences for ordering food online from your restaurant. Make sure to go the extra mile in building relevant landing pages as it’s worth it.  

Are you ready for it? Let us know what local digital marketing strategies work for you.  

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