Top 5 Mother’s Day Restaurant Promotions for 2021

April 19 , 2021
Komal Pandey

Top 5 Mother’s Day US Restaurant Promotions for 2021

Mother’s Day in the U.S. is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year; with millions of people going out to a restaurant for dining out, the National Restaurant Association reveals that restaurants have a big chance to propel mothers and their families to the chairs and spruce up. 

Several promising restaurants across the country on Mother’s day 2021 are honoring mothers by delivering unique promotions, deals, and menus to treat your mother like the queen she is without any fail.

We have rounded up the best Mother’s Day promotion ideas that’ll assist.

According to the National Restaurant Association, statistics say 47% of moms cherish a meal with their families as a gift for Mother’s Day. And an additional 10% prefer a restaurant gift card. These stats exemplify a huge opening for your business to apprehend new guests, re-engage existing customers, and stabilize your reputation.

As Mother’s Day brunch is generally seen as the most common dining option, that’s not the case. For all the customers who plan on ordering at a restaurant during Mother’s Day, just 24% order brunch, while almost 50% opt for dinner.


COVID-19 restrictions still in place, diners foresee all the stops: signature drinks, prix-fixe menus, maybe even a contest on social media. It implies you require to prepare some extra incentives to fetch customers to your restaurant for Mother’s Day and match the service.

You’re perhaps gaping what kind of Mother’s Day promotion ideas for restaurants you can utilize and how you will provide the best experience possible to your guests.

Don’t worry; We’ll arm you with all the information you need even in the wake of Covid-19.

Five outstanding Mother’s Day promotion ideas that restaurants across the U.S. for Mother’s Day 2021.

Provide a Takeaway/Delivery Menu

Everyone may not be comfortable eating out this year, so offering a go-to Mother’s Day menu can ensure that families enjoy their food at home.

Ensuring that your customers know how to place an order for delivery and take away is a must. While employing a direct online ordering system, there must be ease on the restaurant’s website so customers can order a meal for mom easily.

Exciting offers and entertainment deals

Why should Mother’s Day love merely last one day? Use this opportunity of a high volume of traffic to your restaurant to invite the guests in for their next visit by providing complimentary dining cards to moms who order food online on Mother’s Day. Offering a similar deal as a limited-time coupon or discount to engage repeat business.

As it’s not possible to safely offer live music and entertainment this year, consider generating a playlist to match your mother’s Day specials and can share the link with the people who order food online.

Free Dessert and a discounted signature drink along with exhilarating events.

It’s a distinctive move for a reason, as Mother’s Day is also an important day for drink specials. Hence, bartenders whip up something different for all the moms ordering online and formulate a Mother’s Day cocktail only if alcohol delivery is legitimate in your locale.

Craft an exclusive item on your menu, like a dessert or appetizer, but make it available only for moms to drive great traffic to your restaurant.

Expressing your admiration through Social Media

Social media contests encourage diners to follow and tag your restaurants even if you’re open for dine-in or offering pickup and delivery. Sharing Mother’s Day restaurant promotions on social media is a considerable way to fetch the word out.

Consent a good cause.

Set up your Mother’s Day feasting with a good cause to draw these diners to you.

Socially-conscious customers are on the surge. They are enthusiastic about giving back, especially during the pandemic, so providing food delivery services to customers suffering from HIV, AIDS, cancer, and other diseases is a wonderful way to bestow more with the day.

So, celebrate this Mother’s Day to its fullest and brainstorm your mind over these special Mother’s Day restaurant promotion ideas; winning over new customers and fetching back your regulars is a great deal for the restaurant industry.


Safety post this pandemic is the utmost priority for all. So this Mother’s Day, let’s switch to the safest and healthy way of celebration by food ordering and delivery system through the food ordering websites and skip the burnt toast and breakfast in bed and express to your mom how much you admire her with a savory and decadent brunch. 

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