Now Clorder’s orders are integrated with OrderMark

Clorder Inc
Now Clorder’s orders are integrated with OrderMark

Clorder is a technology and marketing service provider of an Online Food Ordering platform that helps restaurants to build their own branding and customer database. Clorder’s recent partnership with OrderMark now enables its clients to receive and confirm online orders along with orders from other service providers in a single tablet from OrderMark.

About OrderMark:

OrderMark is a Los Angeles-based company that provides a service called Online Ordering Management that serves to simplify order fulfillment and easily manage multiple delivery service providers (Clorder, Doordash, Eat24h, Grubhub, Caviar, etc..) under one single tablet and printer.

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Clorder was founded to empower restaurants with a platform to build, establish, and grow their online presence. By leveraging Clorder's Online Ordering system, consisting of web application, Facebook application, and Mobile application, restaurants can not only receive online orders from any device and anywhere but also be able to create their own CRM with the suite of services that Clorder offers.