Instagram Marketing Tips To Promote Your Restaurant

December 11 , 2017
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Instagram Marketing Tips To Promote Your Restaurant

The key to success for any restaurant depends on how well it ranks in their customer’s mind. To keep your business in your customers’ mind it’s crucial to integrate online food ordering system to your site. And if you’ve already done it, you can use Instagram to promote your restaurant. Instagram is a social media platform that allows you to put your best foot forward, reach new people, and to engage with them. If you don’t know how to use Instagram to promote your restaurant, here are some tips that can help you maximize your business success on Instagram.

Be Searchable

Choose an easy, recognizable and catchy username for your Instagram handle so that users can find you easily. You can also use business related keywords in your profile, resulting in the increase in search results.

Post At The Right Time

Before you post something on Instagram, make sure to consider at what time your audience prefer to check their Instagram profiles. Most of the Instagram users check their insta handles in the morning, and in the evening or on their way home from work/school. So make sure to post your images at the right time.

Use Hashtags

Niche Hashtags

Promote your business by using specific hashtags.Make sure that your tags are relevant to your business and geographic location. For example, if your restaurant is in Los Angeles, you can use geographic specific tags, like #LA eats. Irrelevant hashtags can redirect your audience to your competitors or some other website. Some key hashtags that you must use in your every post are – restaurant’s name, drink names, your signature dish, and more.

Trending Hashtag

To increase awareness about both your Instagram profile and your restaurant, you can also include trending hashtags relevant to your restaurants such as #national sandwich day, #food of the day, and more.

Share Candid Shots

Your main goal is to get your customer’s attention. Make sure to share high-resolution images to grab your customers attention. Images can be anything – your restaurant’s interior, chef images, food menu, food items, etc. Avoid sharing blurry or extreme close-up images.

Run A Contest

Running a photo contest on Instagram can help you gain a lot of followers or user generated content. A photo contest can encourage your audience to engage with you, your menu items, and your restaurant. This can help you gain customers’ loyalty. You can encourage your audience to participate in your contest by offering discount coupons to the winners.

Interact With Your Audience

Make sure to connectwith your audience. It’ll help you establish a relationship with your followers. Respond to every comment you receive on your posts. Your customers will feel appreciated to interact with you more, and that connectionincreases the chance that your brand’s namestays closer the top of people’s feed.

Want more social media tips to boost your restaurant business or need any help with online restaurant ordering system? Reach out to us anytime!

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