Does Your Restaurant Needs A Website?

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Does Your Restaurant Needs A Website?

Did you know?

“89% of internet users search for restaurants online and 62% of people research about a restaurant online before visiting it.”
Source: Idea Labs Consulting

This means that being a restaurant owner, you need a website for your eatery too. A website offers an online presence to your restaurant, allows people to find more about your restaurant, and directs them to your physical location. People research about restaurants online to find out more about its ambiance, food, location etc.

Benefits of having a website

#1. Your restaurant gains credibility – Potential diners look for restaurants online before deciding where to go ahead. If you don’t have a site, there are chances that your customers might go to your competitors that have websites. So make sure that you have a website for your restaurant. However, if you’ve a website but it’s not engaging and well-designed, you’ll still lose a potential customer. So, choose a right company to design your restaurant’s website.

#2. Works as an anchor for your marketing – Before you print a business card or spend money on advertising, you need to have a website to begin your online marketing campaign. A website is something that works as an anchor for your advertising efforts. To start with, upload all of your business details (Phone number, address etc.), promotions, offers, and the menu of your restaurant on your website. Then create marketing campaigns for organic reach and to drive customers to your restaurant. For restaurant marketing services, give us a call!

#3. Easy to access – Diners can access your site anytime to get information about your restaurant such as your menu. They can check the ambience of your restaurant if you upload pictures. If you offer food delivery then you can integrate an online ordering system on your site, making it easy for your customers to place an order and have food delivered to their homes.

#4. User engagement – Your potential customers can stay connected with your site. Moreover, updating your customers about your new services or dishes takes time, whether you do it verbally or through emails. By having a site, you can update your customers about your latest offers, dishes, giveaways, promotions, events, photos, or any other content. In addition to it, your website also offers customers a way to give feedback and suggestions.

#5. Provide basic information – A website itself answers various answers of customers including hours of operation, mode of payment, directions, and location etc. Furthermore, customers can also use a site to make their reservations. This saves a lot of time of hostesses of restaurants as well as customers.

#6. Website builds credibility – Nowadays, being online is really important. Most of the millennials do online research before visiting or ordering from a restaurant. If you don’t have a website then your restaurant looks outdated and unreliable to the younger generation. Moreover, millennials like to share their experiences on various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Google. New users will definitely look for you online if someone recommends socially. So, an online presence increases your chances to reach out to brand new customers.

If you want to keep up with the digital revolution and improve your business, you need to have well-designed, fully functional website. For more information regarding website design and development, contact us

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