Clorder Features – Part1

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Clorder Features – Part1

More and more businesses are now adopting cloud computing. As a result the number of SaaS(Software-as-a-Service) solutions that are now cloud hosted is increasing day by day. SaaS market is in a matured state now and is a completely viable alternative for many medium to large enterprises which can’t afford ERP/MRPs. For SMBs(Small and Medium Businesses) a cloud based SaaS solution is becoming a favorite as it relieves them of large capital expenses for not only purchasing expensive hardware and software, but also for hiring IT support (in house or outsourced) to maintain and upgrade the software and hardware.

Cloud solutions bring instant capability to scale, reconfigure, install, back up data, etc. Amazon’s EC2, Microsoft’s Azure, and Google’s Apps engine are among the top cloud service providers for SMBs. Providers such as IBM or Oracle target much larger size enterprises.

SaaS applications are mostly business function specific, and sometimes industry specific. Google Apps and Microsoft 365 are great examples for business productivity tools. For CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications, and SugarCRM dominate. Similarly, online accounting applications on service based are provided by Quickbooks and Mint. There are relatively few SaaS based software applications for online order processing systems and rarely such a system has built in features that Clorder supports.

Clorder was built with SMBs in mind. To make it easy on their part to start using Clorder and benefiting from it, we designed it as a SaaS service hosted on a cloud platform. Along with all the great benefits of cloud and SaaS, following are unique features that help SMBs to jump start their business and accelerate it to the next level of success:

  1. Automated Online Ordering
  2. Highly Secure System
  3. Branding & Customization
  4. Marketing & Promotions
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Business & Customer Insights
  7. Mobile Applications
  8. Management & Control Tools
  9. Customer Support

We constantly strive to increase this feature set and provide seamless updates and product enhancements to our valuable clients. More details on each feature and a glimpse of our road map will be in part-2 of the blog.

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