Clorder Corporation Earns Comparably Employees Choice Awards Honors

June 19 , 2018
Clorder Inc
Clorder Corporation Earns Comparably Employees Choice Awards Honors

Small “Up-Start” Start-up Outshines the Competition in Three Categories

(El Segundo, CA, June 19, 2018) Comparably Employees Choice Awards, a leading indicator of recognizing the Best Places to Work in 2018, announced that the four-year-old Clorder Corporation earned multiple honors. Clorder earned distinctions in multiple categories, outshining larger national competitors in each one.

  • Best CEOs for Diversity
  • Best Managers
  • Best Leadership Team

Comparably CEO Jason Nazar described “Comparably’s Best Leadership awards honor those who are stellar at what they do in business while creating a culture that delivers results.” Founders Sri Sambangi and CEO Satish Varma appreciate the honors even more because as a White Label company, Clorder promotes their clients to the public(through their company website,, rather than their own brand.

The two young pioneers poured their expertise from close to two decades of technology experience in various respected senior management positions at global companies. As Director of Development, Sambangi most recently headed the IPO journey from the early-stage startup phase to the public company at CSOD

Sambangi stated, “Leading by example is our way of building next-level leaders in our organization. We never hesitate to roll up our sleeves and show how things get done when coaching our employees at leadership moments. It is very satisfying to see our employees approve our leadership, and their feedback resonates with our leadership goals.”

“I am truly honored to lead a company with such recognition,” added Varma. “We truly believe that company culture and environment are critical building blocks in our growth. Developing our teams with people of diverse perspectives who can agree with trust, and disagree without fear, is very important to Clorder’s success. I am very proud to see this sentiment reflected in our employee feedback.”

The awards cover a wide cross-section of a company, including the overall work environment. The insights and opinions are designed to capture a genuine and authentic inside look at what it’s like to work at particular jobs and companies.

“We take a data-driven approach to show how specific demographics of employees rate their CEOs so that workplaces are dramatically more transparent and rewarding,” said Jason Nazar, Comparably CEO. “Comparably’s Best CEOs for Diversity awards recognizes leaders who create cultures that support and encourage employees of color, providing a positive framework for other executives to model.

Best Managers Category:

A Best Managers category was created because, according to Nazar, “Studies show that having a bad boss can make or break workplace culture. The leaders receiving Comparably’s Best Managers awards inspire and motivate their teams to do their best work. “In today’s highly complex business environment, the job of a senior management leader is more challenging than ever,” Nazar added. “No matter the industry, executives are being asked to navigate through increasing competition and rapidly advancing technology. ”

For the complete list of the Comparably Best Places to Work in 2018, please visit:

About Clorder

Clorder provides a cloud-based online food ordering solution that allows owners to manage their own online identity and better reach, engage with and retain customers. Clorder’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution is secure, reliable, and universally accessible. Cloud-based software is accessed on-demand, eliminating the need for dedicated hardware, expensive installations, or in-house support.

Innovative, custom-branded technology helps restaurants enhance their web presence and promote their brand. Clorder’s custom-branded technology allows clients to sustain and expand their customer base while driving incremental revenue through state-of-the-art technology. This includes an online ordering portal and branding services, including a variety of marketing and loyalty programs, shared data and analytics, social media promotions, and search engine optimization tools.

Both Sambangi and Varma earned Master’s degrees in software systems from BIRLA Institution of Technology and Science in Pilani, India, and a Bachelor of Science degree(more) in Computer Sciences and Communications Engineering from Andhra University in Visakhapatnam, India.

Varma holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration in marketing, strategy, and analytical consulting from Kellogg School of Management in Chicago.

They began their careers as scientists for the Defense Research and Development Organization in India, which led to senior roles in the area of peacetime inventions for the Indian navy

About Comparably

Comparably is one of the largest and fastest-growing job sites in the world today. Comparably now has reviews and insights for approximately 700,000 companies in more than 190 countries. For details, please visit or download our apps on iOS and Android platforms.

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Clorder Inc
Clorder was founded to empower restaurants with a platform to build, establish, and grow their online presence. By leveraging Clorder's Online Ordering system, consisting of web application, Facebook application, and Mobile application, restaurants can not only receive online orders from any device and anywhere but also be able to create their own CRM with the suite of services that Clorder offers.