3 Instagram Marketing Strategy for Your Restaurant Account

Komal Pandey

Instagram Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Restaurant Page

Setting up an Instagram page for your restaurant business is a great way to create brand awareness among your customer base. Instagram is the most used platform to share stories and attract customers. By promoting your culinary awesomeness through the powerful visual presentation platform that Instagram offers, you can build a loyal community for your business and share your stories with them and receive engagement. 

We all know Instagram has become the most essential social media platform to boost businesses’ online visibility.

Restaurant Instagram marketing ideas

Here we have shared the 3 most useful tips to promote your food and menu through your Instagram page with your potential customers and convert them into regular customers.

Engage with your followers to build a community around your page

If you want to convert your customers as loyal to your business, do not forget to interact with them regularly. It will help you to build a relationship with them. To interact with your followers, you need to find out their interests, passions, favorites, and their expectations. Use all this information to attract followers to your restaurant’s Instagram page. Reply to DMs (Direct Messages) and comments your followers leave on your page or posts.


Use hashtags for better reach on Instagram

Instagram supports up to 30 hashtags on each post. Take advantage of it and use different levels of hashtags under your posts. Try using 10 high trending, 10 local, and 10 dish related hashtags to reach more audience.

You can use different tools (Tagblender, All Hashtag, Seekmetrics, Brand24) for searching trending Instagram hashtags. 

You can create your personal hashtag as well to use it under all of your posts. Hashtags on Instagram helps your posts to reach your target customers even if they aren’t following you. 

Use right hashtag under your posts

Don’t forget to take advantages of Instagram’s story feature

Stories are the most useful feature of Instagram, and it can help you in restaurant marketing. Like Snapchat, these are short-lived video clips that disappear in 24-hours after posting. You can save them in highlights on your profile. You can share behind the scenes and how every day looks like at your restaurant. Sharing customer’s review videos is also a good option to gain your follower’s trust through Instagram. 

Grow your brand through Instagram

Instagram marketing will help you to run your restaurant smoothly. You don’t need to invest any money on Instagram unless you decide to go for paid advertising. You can find customers within wide age groups that you can tap into through Instagram. Plan and schedule your Instagram posts ahead of time to be efficient and effective. Leverage third-party apps, such as Later, Hootsuite, Sproutsocial, etc. to schedule your posts, such as videos, photos, etc.

Take advantage of all Instagram features and gradually build your community on it. Remember to use the above-discussed tips to increase your follower base. 

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