6 Tips To Make Your Restaurant Newsletter More Enticing

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6 Tips To Make Your Restaurant Newsletter More Enticing

A well-executed newsletter is a powerful email marketing tool with multiple benefits.  Restaurants usually prefer to send newsletters to their customers to build a strong relationship with them. It also helps the customers to remember the restaurant’s name.

To help you start, we’ve created a list of tips that you can use to make your restaurant’s email newsletter more enticing. 

1) Customize the template­ –

You should not use the predefined template instead customize it to reflect your brand’s value. Make sure that your newsletter is optimized for mobile as well. You need to create an email that includes dynamic, image-centric templates and simple messages. Make sure that layout of your template is aesthetically pleasing as well.

  • Add high resolution images of your customers, events, restaurant staff, chefs, and monthly specials.
  • You can also include screenshots of your Facebook or Twitter feeds highlighting customers’ positive feedback about a particular dish on the menu.
  • Use the restaurant’s colors and logo in the email for branding purposes.
  • Find the perfect balance between content and photos. A newsletter having more content is less likely to be read in comparison to the one that contains both content and images.

Restaurant Newsletter Template

2) Include social media links –

Social media can give a good boost to your business sales. Always include your restaurant’s social share and follow buttons such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram in your newsletter. This will remind your customers that you have an online presence. Moreover, these buttons will help your customers to find your social media accounts easily and they can learn more about your restaurant.

Social Media Links in Newsletter

3) Include a list of events and specials –

Dedicate a section of your newsletter to a list of upcoming events and your restaurant’s weekly or monthly specials, in case you have a habit of planning them in advance. If possible, you can also include high resolution photos of food items to entice your audience to join you for the next special menu item or event.

Restaurant Special Offers


4) Call out customer favorites –

Integrate an online food ordering system to your restaurant’s website to get an idea of customer ordering pattern. Ask your customers to share their special personal dates such as birthdays, anniversaries etc. Offer them customized discount coupons for their special dates via your newsletter.


5) Preview before sending

Always preview the email by sending it to yourself. Try a different email clients and make sure the layout and content appear the way you want them to appear.


6) Ask for feedback

Encourage your customers to share feedback. Include a short customer satisfaction survey within your newsletter. Reward the survey participants with a discount on their next online order.

Ask for Feedback in Newsletter


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