Why Should You Choose Clorder For Your Online Food Ordering System?

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Why Should You Choose Clorder For Your Online Food Ordering System?

Online ordering system is a powerful system that eases the process of online food order management, food pick-up and delivery options, payment options and processing, reservation management, and others. Integrating an ordering system to your site will help you meet your customer demands easily. Moreover, it will help you to offer top-notch customer experience due to reduction of order mix-ups and on-hold time over the phone.

If you’re looking for an efficient online food ordering system, choose Clorder. We enable your customers to order directly from your website, Facebook or via custom-built smartphone app. Here are some reasons to choose Clorder for online ordering system.

1) Offers attention of your customers – Clorder’s ordering system integrates with any website easily. We make sure not to list your competitor near your menu to ensure that your customer’s pay complete attention to your menu.

2) Easy payment processing – With Clorder ordering system integrated in your site, you don’t have to worry about payment processing. We offer an easy payment solution that will help your customers to make their payments via PayPal, credit cards, GooglePay, and soon ApplePay.

3) Order confirmations – Our ordering system supports all possible means such as phone, Fax, Email, Mobile App, Tablet App, POS, and SMS for order confirmation.  As you don’t have to take orders manually, it allows you to focus completely on fulfilling your customer’s order.

4) Completely secured – Our online ordering system is highly secured and offer a peace of mind to your customers. Our high-end security through TrustGuard scans servers for privacy controls and security protection. In addition to it, our system also supports disaster recovery and take data backups.

5) Branding – We pay close attention to our client’s branding. We very well know that brand awareness is essential for every business to yield sustainable results. By integrating and customizing Clorder to your site, you are one step closer to connect with existing or new customers.

6) Consumer insights – Clorder online ordering system offers access to the valuable customer database. Our system gathers data through various sources including websites, social media platforms, customer reviews and feedbacks. We offer detailed and deeper customer insights to help you understand your consumers better.

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Clorder Inc
Clorder was founded to empower restaurants with a platform to build, establish, and grow their online presence. By leveraging Clorder's Online Ordering system, consisting of web application, Facebook application, and Mobile application, restaurants can not only receive online orders from any device and anywhere but also be able to create their own CRM with the suite of services that Clorder offers.