The Dos and Don’ts of Running A Restaurant’s Social Media Campaigns

Komal Pandey

The Most Important Tips for Running A Restaurant Social Media Campaigns

Gone are the days when restaurants needed to spend massive amounts on advertisements to increase customer base. Nowadays, social media platforms are more than enough to reach out to their target customers for many restaurants across the globe. Social media has become a part of customer’s day to day life, and restaurants should take full advantage of this. Everyone loves food and wants to explore new restaurants, cafes, etc., and experience new cuisines and dishes.

Do you know Instagram has more than 1 billion user base as per the 2018 report of TechCrunch? 

Don’t you want Social Media users of your area to visit your restaurant or order online food from your menu? Well, you should definitely think about it because what would you do with your restaurant business without a customer base, right?

Still, wondering what Social Media can do for your restaurant business? We have shared a blog about how Social Media can help you during the holiday season. You can visit this blog to learn more about Social Media benefits.

Today we will share with you the dos and don’ts on how to take advantage of Social Media with its campaign feature. 

Let’s dive into this.

What is the Importance of Social Media Campaigns for Restaurants?

Perhaps you would have this question in your mind — “Why does even a restaurant need to add social media campaigns in their marketing plans?”

Well, Social Media has become the most important part of Digital Marketing because of the daily increase in Social Media user base. Nowadays, businesses are focusing more on social media growth because it has been recognized as a prime source of receiving engagement on the content. If you want to keep up with growing marketing, then you need to be available in the place where your customers love hanging out. 

To take full advantage of Social Media platforms, you need to use campaigns in order to reach your audience because organic reach takes a longer time. 

Here we have discussed the most important do’s and don’ts to create next-level social media marketing campaigns.

The most important Do’s and Don’ts to create the best restaurant Social Media campaigns

Do’s: Make sure online order is available on your restaurant’s website

When you will run a campaign on Social Media you will need to link your Facebook Page or any other Social Media account such (Instagram or Twitter), or a website link to redirect the traffic to see our menus, offerings, etc. 

And what if those people would want to order online from your restaurant instead of dining in? 

So if you are redirecting your traffic on your website or Social Media account/page, make sure that you have online ordering available. It will help you to convert your website visitors into customers. 

You can add your website link to your Social Media account by going to the “edit your profile” option on Instagram and Twitter. On Facebook, there is already an option to add a website link. 

Pro Tip: You can directly add the online ordering page that will excite your visitors to at least try something from your restaurant. By providing quality food, you can convert these one-time visitors into permanent customers. 

You can read this blog to understand more about — how you can change your one-time visitor into a permanent customer.

Don’t: Not using high-quality Image or Video in Campaigns

You should never risk your campaign with a low-quality image or video because this will be the first thing to get noticed by your target audience. And if it’s of low-quality then it won’t be able to grab the attention of your target Social Media users. If you want to convert Social Media traffic into your restaurant’s customer, make sure to use high-quality attractive photos and videos.

Attracting images and videos helps to grab the attention of users and make them move to the next steps — opening your website, visiting your restaurant’s Social Media account/page, online food ordering page, etc.

Pro Tip: If you can use real photos/videos of your food that is also available on the menu, that would be the best for Social Media campaigns. It will make the visitors trust you more after seeing the same food as per the campaign images.

Wrapping it Up!

No matter how appetizing food you have on your menu, your efforts will get wasted — if you are not receiving more orders. You can not deny that — you are also doing this restaurant business for profit. And if it is not bringing you any profit — it will be hard to continue your business. 

Don’t get demotivated because Social Media is one of the best and proven ways to bring more traffic to your website/account to have more online orders or visitors to your restaurant. Make sure to have these Do’s and Don’ts in your mind while creating an amazing Social Media Campaign for your restaurant. 

Remember that the majority of your target audience hangs out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so take full advantage of it.

Let us know if you have ever tried the Social Media Campaign for your restaurant.

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