Thanksgiving Ideas for Restaurants To Level Up During COVID

November 25 , 2020
Komal Pandey
Thanksgiving Ideas for Restaurants To Level Up During COVID

3 Thanksgiving Ideas for Restaurants

Thanksgiving is one such crucial time wherein people get together with their family to spend some quality time. For this, food is a source of joy to share and have with our near and dear ones. It is said that 80 million Americans usually dine out on Thanksgiving Day. Restaurants have a unique role in making their customers feel special. It is a great opportunity to attract customers by planning out creative promotion ideas. 

However, it is a challenge due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions set forth by local governments in several cities across the U.S. Several states still have a ban on dine-in, and a few just-announced ban on out-door dining, leaving take-outs and delivery as the only options left out. 

Here are some ideas which will help any restaurant in leveling up this Thanksgiving season.  

Get creative with the menu.  

Try and add some exclusive and creative dishes to your menu. Make sure you are showing versatility. You can also sprinkle your innovation in the traditional existing dish, which sure will be a game-changer! 

As this time is going to be hectic make sure that you offer catering services, this will be a sales booster as this seems like a flexibility option. Reach out to your marketing person at your restaurant to analyze your web traffic in order to come up with more direct offerings that can work for you. In case you do not have a dedicated marketing person in your team, there are several restaurant marketing companies that are specialized and can immensely help in a short time. 


Credit: Alicia Bruce


Contribute to a cause.  

You can tie up with your local orphanages or old age homes and donate a percentage of your profit for a cause. The best part is to get your customers involved in this cause to make this year’s Thanksgiving a memorable one.   

Make sure you highlight your contribution through social media handles and show your gratitude for the customers for joining the cause with exclusive offers. Once again, reach out to your marketing in charge to take care of these timely updates to motivate your customers to show some empathy towards those in need. Look out for someone who is a social media expert that can handle this most efficiently. 

This will surely bring in satisfaction to the customers and the appreciation for your initiative.  

Run social media campaigns and giveaways. 

Organize contests, for this, get creative and come up with your hashtag and keep track of the entries for consideration towards deciding the winners. Engage your followers by running question and answer sessions to get them engaged in your contests. 

Use polls to learn about your customer’s choice. This will elevate your social media presence effectively while you gather valuable insights into your customers.  

There are several tools that are available in configuring and executing this. We recommend an experienced digital marketing agency that focuses on restaurants to get the best return on your spending for this initiative.  

Wrapping Up! 

We understand things are not normal as they should be on Thanksgiving day like every year in the past. In this blog, we tried to share our Thanksgiving ideas for restaurants so that you concrete results with proper implementation. With creative social media campaigns and giveaways, you can build a new customer base this year. Try to experiment with your menu.

And don’t forget to engage with your audience on social media because in this way you’ll stay on top of their mind while ordering food on Thanksgiving day. 

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