Introducing Clorder…

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Introducing Clorder…

Clorder’s first business target is the food industry.

The past few years have seen a sudden rise in the number of intermediaries that served small businesses, especially the restaurants. Some operate at national level, while many are regional players.

The core value that these intermediaries promise the restaurants is to bring traffic(customers), which drives the revenues for the restaurants. Primary methods used by the intermediaries in delivering their promise are:

  1. Restaurant ratings – customers like to know this information, especially when they are not familiar with the restaurant
  2. Online orders – a way to place an order from an online menu, hosted by them
  3. Portal placement – a custom portal integrated to restaurant’s website to fill online orders

While some of them offer all the three above, some others offer a mix of them. The question however is about the value created in this process and how that value is captured towards building a path for sustainable results? How much control do the business owners have in this process?

With that in mind, and upon digging into the market research available (secondary research), Clorder was built as a suite of applications that will not only give the restaurants a jump start in creating new growth opportunities, but also a full control on the process. Clorder’s back-bone is the fully automated and secured online ordering system that provides an easily customize-able user interface to create and manage products/services offered.

While the ordering system should help the restaurants provide another channel to better engage with their customers and improve the customer experience through timely delivery and literally no order mix-ups, there are other applications that greatly benefit them in target marketing and business/customer analytics. Creating, managing, tracking, and evaluating marketing initiatives, promotions, business operations, etc. will now be easier for the business owners and help them make good decisions. In addition, we integrated social media and location applications to provide the restaurants an edge and access to where their customers spend time.

Initially, it may be overwhelming for a few business owners to use all these applications, but we truly believe that they will benefit in the long run as they get to know more on how to run their business in a successful way through intelligent decisions derived out of their own actions, results, and assessments. We believe that by empowering the business owners with such a control, and backing it with prompt customer service, Clorder can help small businesses win, in many ways.

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