How Social Media Can Help You Bring More Restaurant Customers During Holidays

December 14 , 2020
Komal Pandey

How Social Media Can Help You Bring More Restaurant visitor in Holidays

With the holiday season in the corner and indoor dining isn’t very safe in the US, according to COVID reports, restaurants should use other marketing tactics to have more sales during the holiday season.

We all know how coronavirus has affected the restaurant business, and it’s not easy to bring customers back to dine at restaurants. You need to “be foundby the customers that are looking for safe restaurants for dine-in or online orders to pick up during this holiday season. 


Without attracting customers from different mediums to your restaurants, it isn’t possible to increase your customer list and sales this year. So the question is — how can you reach out to your customers without a lot of extra effort?

We suggest you use social media to be found by your customers. This article will help you understand “how social media can help you bring more restaurant customers during holidays?” 

Here are “3 social media marketing tactics restaurants should use during holidays.”

Share high-quality photos to promote special holiday meals

According to QSR magazine’s 2019 report, 45% of US diners have visited a restaurant for the very first time because of the social media post made by the restaurant business.  

Make the most out of social media platforms by sharing standard-quality photos of your meals. Promote special meals as every restaurant seems to offer special dishes on holidays. Since Christmas is around the corner, you can share photos of the meal that your customers love to order online or want to visit your restaurant for the same.

Take advantage of IGTV and Reel on Instagram

Ask your customers to share their reviews about your restaurant and food in a video version (if they are comfortable) and share it on reels. You can also record videos of your kitchen and dining areas and share them on IGTVs to attract more customers to your restaurant through Instagram.

Please don’t hesitate to take the help of someone who knows how to use these platforms. You can also check out your digital marketing service provider if you have one.



Engage with food-influencers on different social media platforms

Try collaborating with food bloggers and influencers of your area on Instagram and Facebook. Send your special meals/dishes to them in PRs and ask them if they can share about it with their audience/followers by tagging your restaurant page in their posts or stories. In this way, you can bring a lot of traffic to your restaurant pages on multiple channels. And if you have high-quality photos on your page then it is possible that many page visitors will come to visit your restaurant or will order online.

Wrapping Up!

Do you use social media correctly to promote your restaurant business, especially, during the holiday season? We believe these above-mentioned three social media marketing tactics will help you to bring more customers to your restaurant. 

You can experiment with what kind of posts work best for your restaurant’s social media pages. Let us know if you find these tips helpful for your social media marketing.

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