3 ways to turn restaurant visitors into regular customers

Komal Pandey
3 ways to turn restaurant visitors into regular customers

How to turn your valuable guests into regular restaurant customers 

It is easier to sell to an existing customer than to find new customers. According to Marketing Metrics, a book written by Paul Farris, it is 50% easier to sell to an existing customer than to convince a brand-new customer. Selling to an existing customer has a lot of advantages, such as it saves your time and effort and is cost-effective. Converting new visitors into regular customers is a huge win for any restaurant. 


Here are three easy tips to help you convert your restaurant visitors into regular customers.  

Top-Notch and Customer-Centric Services 

 Did you know existing customers tend to spend more than a brand-new restaurant visitor? According to a HubSpot report in a customer-loyalty guide, repeat visitors will spend 67% more than first-time restaurant visitors. Well, we believe keeping your diners happy will make them come back, again and again, to order from your restaurant. 

You need to remember the saying Customer is King. Show your customers that they are your priority. Greet them and make them feel comfortable. Create a warm and welcoming ambiance. Ask for their feedback and act on it. Remember that — the customer is always right. Even if you think that they are not, give them the benefit of the doubt, and do not argue with them.  

Don’t forget to add online ordering or curbside pickup service 

Remember that not all customers want to eat out regularly. Perhaps your visitor wants to order their food online, and if you are not available for online delivery then you lose valuable business. And, currently, due to COVID, people are preferring online delivery over dine out. In this scenario, you should focus on providing the best online food delivery services or curbside pickup to your customers. 


A responsive website that is gets listed on all web search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, etc., with a great online delivery system can attract new customers and make them try your menu by ordering online. Ensure that you have a responsive online ordering solution to offer a better online experience to your visitors 

Offer incentives through email marketing  

Establish and grow your online presence. It can help to grow your sales. Create an email list of your restaurant visitors and offer them incentives, such as discount coupons, free delivery services, etc. By offering free coupons for signing up to your app or website, you will attract customers to be loyal to your restaurant. You can also try other exclusive offers and special incentives to your customers to expect regular orders or visits from them. 


In conclusion, please remember that customers are your most important asset to your restaurant. No matter whether they are regular or first-time visitors, if your service isn’t good then you are at high risk of losing the customer and his/her friends. In the case of online ordering services, your ordering solution should be a well-rounded solution that offers great online experience to your customers.   

Focus on the above-mentioned three easy ways to convert your new customer into a regular and loyal one.  

Wondering how to provide smooth online ordering services to your customers through your restaurant website?  Do not worry! We have your back! You can rely on us in this matter.  

We can help you offer a great and flexible online ordering experience to your customers and help convert your new customers into loyal ones that order regularly with you. 

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