6 Things You Can Learn From Your Competitors About Your Restaurant

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6 Things You Can Learn From Your Competitors About Your Restaurant

It’s really important for a business to keep a close eye on their competition, regardless of the theme or cuisine of your restaurant. Keeping an eye on their business activities will help you device better strategies for your own business. You can learn from their shortcomings and strengthen your brand.


Here are a few things you can learn from your competitors about your restaurant:


1) Local Delicacies –

Research to find out the local delicacies of your town. Moreover, find out what local delicacies your competitors are offering to their customers and are selling well. Try to incorporate those items in your menu but with different style. Present the local delicacies in your unique style to stand out from your competition.

Local Delicacies


2) Food Preferences –

Every person has its own taste. Some like spicy, some prefer simple veggies, and some just love saucy food. Do a little research and find out what customers’ food preferences are. You can do a survey and find out what your competitor’s customers prefer to eat. Add those dishes to your menu to attract a wider range of customers to your restaurant. Even adding some additional sides or sauces can work for your business.

Food Preference


3) Social Media Strategy –

Everyone is on social media these days. It is widely used to build brand awareness, drive traffic, and convert sales. While building a social media following is a difficult task, you can speed up this process by tapping into a fan base that is already established on your competitors’ channels. Find out what your competitors are doing to attract and engage with their customers, and then replicate the strategy but do it better. Check out what type of content, discounts and offers they give to their audience and start creating your own social media strategy.

Social Media Restaurant Marketing


4) Trends –

Follow your competition and look for the things that make them unique in their field. Furthermore, try to find out similarities between yours and your competitor’s strategies. Keeping up with market trends is imperative in restaurant business!

5) Food Prices –

Take a good look at the online menus of your competition. See what changes they frequently make in their menu such as items, special combos, prices etc. Compare their prices with yours and see whether you can also offer similar prices to entice more customers to order from your restaurant. Give them discounts and additional offers to grab attention. Keeping an eye on your competition’s food prices help you sell your food at competitive prices.

Food Prices


6) Tools –

Visit your competition’s website on a regularly basis to see what changes they are making. Find out whether they use an integrated online food ordering system or if they are using any other tools to manage their website. An in-depth analysis of their website can help you create better marketing strategies for your website.

Competition is the best way to know everything about your local area as well as the areas where you’re lacking in. The information you get from your competition is priceless, and you must use it to grow your business.  If you too are looking forward to promote your brand, contact Clorder for marketing and SEO services.

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