Clorder changing the food ordering landscape

Clorder Inc
Clorder changing the food ordering landscape

People use their Smartphones to do nearly everything these days and, anything related to restaurants and food likely top the list.  Consumers use it to find a restaurant, make a reservation, read or post reviews, place take-out or delivery orders and much more.

That is precisely why Clorder was born.

Clorder is a developer of a proprietary cloud-based food ordering solution designed to help restaurants enhance their online presence and increase revenue.  While Clorder’s solution may sound similar to those of giants like GrubHub and East24, Clorder is making a name for itself by distinguishing itself – and its clients — from these entities.

Both GrubHub and EAT24 are very well established companies with several years of experience in the food ordering business.  Both of them boast 20,000+ restaurants listed in their portal that customers can access to place online orders or phone orders.  With respect to technology, both of them possess excellent solutions for online ordering and order fulfillment tracking.

BUT, what they don’t have is exactly what Clorder brings to its clients, and that is why the start up is differentiating itself in the marketplace, positioning itself to compete against, or complement in some cases, these larger, more established players.  And, it has proven successful — Clorder is winning clients at a record pace

Both GrubHub and EAT24 are not interested in restaurant branding and they don’t offer support to their clients in this area. They simply do not help restaurant owners build their brands and maintain their clients.

Clorder – stemming from the words cloud and order — on the other hand, empowers its restaurant clients and owners by proving them with technology, tools and marketing programs that help them establish an online identity of their own, create and build their brand online and help them grow organically by building their own customer base.  This is what is enabling considerable revenue growth amongst Clorder’s hundreds of clients.  One example lies in the Clorder client that grew its take-out business 440 percent and overall restaurant revenue approximately 300 percent in less than one year.  By allowing Clorder to create and manage the online presence of this Los Angeles-based restaurant, the owner in turn was able to focus on serving its customers.

Clorder provides complete transparency to restaurant owners it serves by not only sharing the order and customer data but also by providing strategic advice and marketing consulting for growing the business, based on analytical and insight gleaned from Clorder’s solution about that restaurant.  GrubHub/EAT24 both retain customer data and do not share any intelligence with their clients.  Ultimately, they have complete control on who the clients are and how to market while the restaurants owners never get near this information.

Clorder’s easy-to-deploy solutions consist of a range of fast, flexible, scalable and secure online services and tools that reap immediate returns for restaurants and businesses, including:

  • Customized online ordering system and setup/management portal – simple, easy to use, fast to deploy
  • Built-in analytics about customers, purchasing patterns, online ordering history, demographics, contact information, etc. that allows restaurants and companies to better manage their businesses, control their client base and become more profitable
  • Tailored online marketing programs and branding initiatives for managing Internet presence, preserving the customer relationship and controlling the process
  • Customer loyalty and incentive plans and programs that encourage repeat business
  • Mobile applications for ordering
  • Facebook ordering capabilities
  • Social media campaigns that spawn conversation, build reputation and manage social media image
  • Online reservations capability
  • Approaches for improving Internet presence and optimizing search results, SEO, Google AdWords, Facebook Campaigns, etc.
  • Access that allows customers to manage their online ordering portal 24×7 from anywhere
    Clorder’s cost to clients – SIGNIFICANTLY less than that of its larger competitors. Unlike Grub Hub and EAT24, which are primarily portal-based solutions, Clorder is a custom application that adapts to the needs of every restaurant client it serves.

As a fairly new tech start up in Los Angles, Clorder already has more than 300 clients across four cities. This number is growing daily.

Clorder was founded by two former tech experts – one with a career dedicated to cloud computing and the other mobile applications – who have been friends for 18 years.  They wanted to find a way to help small companies – like restaurants – build their brands and took a chance by pioneering a revolutionary platform that directly competes with the solutions of these big players.

With a market projected to reach nearly $700 billion this year in restaurant sales and $70 billion in take out orders (source: National Restaurant Association), there is certainly room for Clorder.

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Clorder Inc
Clorder was founded to empower restaurants with a platform to build, establish, and grow their online presence. By leveraging Clorder's Online Ordering system, consisting of web application, Facebook application, and Mobile application, restaurants can not only receive online orders from any device and anywhere but also be able to create their own CRM with the suite of services that Clorder offers.