Find How Clorder Helps Restaurants and Small Business Owners to Increase Revenue

January 11 , 2013
Tech Rambler
Find How Clorder Helps Restaurants and Small Business Owners to Increase Revenue

Clorder was started with a vision that was simple and clear – empowering small businesses with the technology and the tools that can help them grow and strengthen their brand. The efforts to accelerate the growth of businesses have culminated into various clients and their umpteen confidence in us. Clorder is joining hands with small businesses by providing an opportunity to excel and flourish and at the same time giving full control on everything.

Clorder’s clients are top rated by restaurant reviewers such as Zagat, Yelp etc. and the clients include Akbar, Addi’s Tandoor, LeClafautis, Cakebuzz, American Fish Grill and many more. Clorder’s expertise has greatly helped clients expedite food ordering and establish a unique identity, have complete control on online sales, social media effort and SEO optimization. The efforts have resulted in increased revenue, more repeat and new customers and awareness in preserving the online presence for quality output. The customizable products are designed for the needs of individual businesses and business owners can choose the products according to their requirements.

The various online ordering channels, such as facebook ordering, web ordering and mobile ordering, have provided many options to the customers to choose from and have decreased the distance between them and their favorite food. Clorder is also providing a platform for different businesses to connect and grow collaboratively. Clorder’s different marketing tactics are hands on for businesses that are in need of a complete makeover and geared towards generating more revenues and building brand identity.

Therefore, Clorder is not only a provider of online food ordering system for restaurants but also a platform for marketing initiatives, payment solutions, appointment scheduling and social media marketing. A one stop solution, Clorder, is a remarkable option for SMBs and for their growth in the competitive world.

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