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Clorder for Restaurants

Clorder’s first target segment is the restaurant business. This blog discussion is about how we customize and launch Clorder for our clients, and there by create an instant online food ordering capability to their customers.

Clorder’s three step process to accelerate a restaurant business starts with Customization, a key differentiating factor compared to our competition. Our experts sit with restaurant owners and walk through the countless options available and customize their solution for their specific restaurant (and location in a few cases) needs. Customization starts with re-branding the online ordering screens to match the restaurant’s brand attributes such as colors, logos, tag lines, welcome notes, etc. The next thing to customize is the food menu, which can be dynamically changed at any time and from anywhere. Since Clorder supports menu filtering, an instant favorite for customers ordering food through our system, we ask restaurant owners to identify the popular, vegetarian, spicy ones, etc. in the menu. Business hours, accepted payment methods, supported food delivery options, etc are then customized before we activate the online ordering link/button in the restaurant’s website.

Once the customization is complete, restaurant owner’s Launch their online ordering service and start their marketing activities. Since the online ordering link integrates to the restaurant’s website as opposed to a search portal or an intermediary’s restaurant directory/listing, Clorder helps restaurant owners strengthen their own brand. This helps in long term sustainable profits as customers get used to ordering directly from the restaurant website and take advantage of promotions. Marketing activities include both print and online advertising/promotions. Discount coupons and other promotions can be easily created using Clorder and advertised on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Website, Blogs, Text Messaging, Emails, etc. Restaurants can actively engage with its customers on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to update them with new pictures, new entrees added, seek feedback, and more. All this will drive organic traffic and help generate new revenues for the restaurants.

On a regular basis, and due to seasonal factors, restaurant owners will need to modify or update their menus, or create new promotions based on valuable insights they acquire through the Clorder’s online ordering system. As part of Management step, which is actually an ongoing process where business and customer intelligence drives critical business decisions such as running a short term promotion during dull period or reaching out to loyal customers with updates/coupons. Clorder supports a ton of ways to analyze the online orders – month to month revenues comparison, most popular dishes, items that received custom notes for preparation, revenues by zip code, new customers vs repeat customers, etc. All this will help restaurant owners to better manage inventory, be productive and focus on delivering good food. Reliable and easily accessible Clorder support will ease the restaurant owner’s effort to manage the system.

In summary, with the three simple steps, Clorder can empower restaurant owners with new technology and business tools to not only establish their brand online but also to create new revenue generating opportunities. The restaurants that are already reaping benefits and generating online revenues is listed at Clorder’s Clients. The announcements are also captured on our facebook page and pinterest board.

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