Clorder Features Part-2

Clorder makes it easy for SMBs to embrace the technology and create new opportunities to transform their business into a sustainable and profitable one. In this part 2 of the blog on Clorder’s features, I will discuss some of the key features, without dwelling much into intricate details.

The features currently deployed and used by our early customers fall into four broad categories:

1. Online Commerce

  • Automated Online Ordering System – Clorder’s fully automated online ordering system supports a vast number of configurable settings that a business owner can pick and choose to fit within his business operations. Online product list creation, configuration, and management is just the start. For example, the order confirmation can be received through multiple options(email, fax, text message, call) based on need. As another example, the order payment option can be configured to be processed either in store with cash, online using one of the two payment gateways built into Clorder, or online using the business owner’s existing payment gateway. Our current clients love the options and agree that having such a large number of configurable settings help them adopt the technology.
  • Secured Environment – Online privacy and security of customer information is extremely important for any electronic commerce. The highly secured Clorder is scanned by Trustguard,a leading online security service provider, on a continued basis to ensure application and website safety for online commerce., a secured payment gateway, makes us PCI compliant. Geotrust’s SSL encryption and Wildcard SSL setup ensures all the ordering sessions are encrypted for protection. Subdomain creation separates clients data and provides reliable protection for scaling. Since the system is hosted on the cloud, disaster recovery and data backups are seamlessly taken care of.
  • Mobile Applications – Access from any device and any platform makes our client’s customers purchase experience easy. They make best use of their time as they can order from anywhere and anytime, even on the go. For example, placing an order while waiting for a train or friend is just easy as one can quickly fill the order and confirm on a mobile phone right within the Facebook app that they are using to stay connected with friends. Clorder can be accessible not only on multiple devices, but multiple platforms such as the business website, Clorder’s website (soon coming), or Facebook, etc.

2. Internet Marketing

  • Branding & Customization – Branding helps with long term sustainability as it creates stickiness in customers buying habits. Business owner’s can preserve their brand when they get orders right from their  own website rather than through an intermediary that showcases hundreds of other similar businesses, some of which are direct competitors. With Clorder, businesses can drive traffic from their own website as the online ordering system easily integrates with their website in less than ONE day. Customization includes color themes, logo placements, menu look and feel, and more.
  • Target Marketing & Promotions – As customer contacts and purchase behavior get registered through online orders, identifying multiple customer segments and segment characteristics gets easier with Clorder. Once that is done, target marketing creates new opportunities to engage with customers and generate revenues. Strategically reaching out to customers on various occasions/holidays and delivering excellent customer service helps repeat business from customers.
  • Social Media Marketing – Social media cannot be ignored in this era of constantly connected world through various applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare, Pinterest, etc. Reaching  customer where they spend their time increases the chances of doing more business. Clorder provides support to integrate plugins or communicate business updates on various social media platforms. Clorder’s social rating app plugins aggregate your customer reviews and ratings from websites such as Citysearch, Yelp, Zagat, and more.

3. Business Intelligence

  • Business Analytics – Operational efficiency almost always improves profits in a business. Clorder’s business analytics enable its clients to compare and analyze business performance across time periods and across business units. Business owners can make better decisions based on true data and actionable intelligence based on past performance and results. No more hasty decisions based on instincts and guts.
  • Customer Analytics – Listening to your customers and understanding their expectations is critical when you attempt to differentiate your business from your peers and create not only competitive advantage, but also customer advantage. Knowing what your customers like and dislike will prepared you to better engage with them through various channels. Customizing and delivering exceptional purchase experience will surely increase customer loyalty and repeat business for you.

4. Services Management

  • Control Tools – Empowering small and medium business owners with all the applications and tools to run the business under their own control is part of our goal and a key differentiating factor. So, we provide as many tools as possible for our clients to customize their online ordering system, try and validate marketing assumptions and promotions, update online product list and information, and so on. Being able to control a lot of these by themselves is helping our current customers deeply understand their business.
  • Customer Support – With a “customer first” attitude, Clorder provides the best customer service a business owner can expect. We work with our clients to make them successful, as our success is fully dependent on their success. Our current clients love the way we help them in not only providing support for Clorder solution, but also in some of their other business workflow and technology/marketing needs.We don’t mind taking the extra step to solve our client’s business problems and challenge them to adopt new business techniques for creating a competitive advantage.

With these powerful features, we are already seeing great results with existing clients. We engage with our clients on regular basis and gather feedback and advice to fine tune our road map and prioritize new features. We are excited about our next set of features that we think will create a new layer of differentiation from our competition. Clorder is here to redefine the path to success for SMBs.

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