Clorder gets PCI Compliance

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Clorder gets PCI Compliance

Leaving the intro blog for another day, I just wanted to update the progress we made today in getting Clorder website the PCI compliance from Trust-Guard, a globally recognized and approved website security scanning service provider.

PCI in the context of online ordering (I intentionally avoided the word eCommerce as PCI is equally applicable for mCommerce) is the Payment Card Industry. Having a recognized and approved 3rd party to scan our product and achieving the PCI compliance is just one milestone for us, but surely is a huge one in terms of our goal to make our product as robust and secure as possible for Clorder users. We want the users to be able to order online with peace of mind and not worrying about the security and privacy of their information. Since the security scans are done at regular intervals, the compliance is verified and updated to ensure on going security.

Soon, Clorder will don the compliance badge in its order confirmation page. We are expecting a few more security and privacy checks to be assessed and certified by Trust-Guard in the next few days and will share the news.

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